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Nature Camp 2009 Details

NatureCamp 2009 details

Posted in public interest for the NorthEast Camp (CourtesY-CROC)
Bare Necessities

Hey all,

We will need to carry certain stuff. Please take note of the following requirements and Do's n Don'ts:

1) Wear good shoes that are comfortable for your feet and have good GRIPS.

2) Carry lots of drinking water and food. Small one-litre bottles are not enough. Also packets of biscuits get monotonous. Get me some variety in food guys!

3) Remember that deodorants, perfumes, etc. attract insects.

4) Black, white, flower prints and bright coloured clothes, attract insects too. Dull Earth shades (greens, khaki, browns, greys) are your best option.

5) Jeans get heavy and soggy after they get wet. Try and avoid wearing jeans.

6) Carry your cell phones, wallets and other important and expensive articles in waterproof coverings.

7) A dry towel and a change of clothes may come in handy on longer treks.

8) Torches with extra bulbs and batteries are recommended for night treks.

9) A sleeping bag or a bed sheet comes in handy on overnight treks for sleeping and any other smart uses that you may come up with.

10) Rain coats, umbrellas, wind cheaters, warm clothes may be carried as per individual requirements.

11) Carry toiletries and medicines as per your requirements.

12) Carry a cap; it helps even while it's raining.

13) Remember to carry all your garbage back with you in your pockets or bags, to be disposed off in a Dustbin.

Happy Trekking. Cheers!! Croc.

Camp details

Firstly the Camp cost has been increased by Rs. 600 as the cost of the inner line permits issued by the Mizoram Govt. has been revised.

Everyone coming for the camp is absolutely required to submit two passport sized photos and their addresses along with the local police station address to the nature club for the permits.

A Medical Certificate is also required from your doctor certifying that you are physically fit to trek and also mentioning if any of the mentioned medical disorders and conditions are prevailing.
These include
-- Tuberculosis
--Juvenile diabetes
--Anaphylaxis or Allergies
If you do suffer from any of the above appropriate medications and recommendations from the doctor should be followed

College students are required to submit the consent forms within the next two days.

College students are required to carry their college identity cards along with a supplementary Id card (Driving license, any other i card)


9th May Depart from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. Kurla by the 5645 Mumbai Guwahati express at 7.40 am.Reporting time is 6.30 am for everyone. Baggage checks may be conducted at the station by the railway police so be prepared for it.
Dress conservatively during the train ride and be prepared for very hot conditions as we would be passing through arid terrain and temperatures in excess of 40C
10th May - Passing through Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

11th May- Arrival at Guwahati Station at 11.30 am (But be prepared for delays)
From station, board the buses (we have two of them) and head off to Kalak Shetra. The Srimanta Sankardeva kalakshetra has been set up as a grand exposition of the life and culture of the people of Assam. Named after the greatest Vaishnava saint and the greatest integrator of the Assamese society Srimanta Sankardeva, the Kalakshetra is a multi-Arts complex.It houses a Central Museum where cultural objects and day-to-day articles used by different ethnic groups will be preserved and exhibited, an Open Air Theatre with 2000 capacity to hold folk festivals and to present traditional dance and drama of the State, an Artists' Village which offers the visitors and the residents an atmosphere of the village of Assam, the Sahitya Bhavan which is a library of rare books and manuscripts, the Lalit-Kala Bhavan which has sufficient space for exhibition, art and sculpture workshops, and a Heritage Park. The Kalakshetra has been chosen as the venue for many cultural activities.
Explore the places of in Guwahati. Night halt at Guwahati in Kalakshetra

12th May - Leave for Shillong, Meghalaya early morning. Reach Shillong in about 1.5 hours. Check into hotel at Shillong and drop baggage into rooms and head off to Cherapunji. Explore the numerous stalagmite and stalactite formations as well as the caves and underground water pathways. Cherapunjee means “the abode of clouds”.

12th May - Evening explore Shillong. Night halt at Shillong

13th May - Explore Shillong and the Garo, Khasi and the Jaintia hills. Nigh halt at Shillong.

14th May - Early morning - Leave for Aizawl, Mizoram. It is a 12 hour journey. Reach Aizawl by evening. Explore places of interest. Night halt at Aizawl.

15th May - Aizawl and surrounding places.

16th May - Leave Aizawl early morning for Blue Mountain National Park also known as the Phawngpui National Park, Mizoram.
The Phawngpui National Park is situated in South Eastern Mizoram adjacent to Myanmar border. The highest peak in Mizoram, the Phawngpui (2360m) is located within this Park. The total area of the Park is 50 Sq. Km. The important wild animals and birds found in this Park are Ghoral, Serrow, Barking deer, Sambar, Leopard, Blyth's tragopan, Kaleej Pheasant, Hoolock Gibbon, Common Langur, Rhesus macaque, Stump tail macaque and variety of birds and orchids.

17th May - Phawngpui National Park

18th May - Phawngpui National Park. Leave Blue mountain for Aizawl in the afternoon. Night halt at Aizawl.

19th May - Leave for Shillong early morning. Night Halt at Shillong.

20th May - Leave for Guwahati in the morning. Lunch in Guwahati. Depart from Mumbai at 16.45 for Mumbai.

21st May on the train

22nd May - Arrival in Mumbai at 20.00 hrs at LTT, Kurla

Medication to be carried as per your doctors recommendations. Medications for the follwing are needed
- Stomach infections.
- Pain
-Motion sickness (Avomine)
-Urinary Tract infections

An antimalarial dose is required before travelling to the north east. Consult your doctor.

Leech therapy includes rock salt or tobacco. do carry them with you.

Rain gear is absolutely essential as the monsoons will hit the north east in may.

Good footwear is needed.

Hats and caps are required.

Do carry a notebook and a pen as well as crayons, colour pencils, etc.

Brush up on the north east as well as the places we are visiting.

In the case of emergencies, we have two contacts in the northeast. You may give your parents/relatives their numbers. Please send a request to to get the contacts of these people.

thats one long list. If there are any problems , do contact me.