Thursday, 7 June 2007

Another World

We are blood,
Of one soil,
But between you and me,
A world of difference exists.
Hate threatens to engulf us all,
And peace remains surreal,
A dream so distant,
That you and I cannot reach it.

But I understand you,
I know that hope dwindles in your heart,
I believe you when you tell me
That you have been wronged.
They came to protect you,
And now they hunt you
On earth that is your own.

I see your sorrow,
And I feel my shame,
For we are of one nation,
But our lives are worlds apart.
And I did not choose to see,
Before you showed me,
How you struggle with every day.
I understand your anger,
You resentment, your hate,
Life holds little value
For those who murder and rape.

I can see in your eyes
How they are breaking your spirit,
How your heart is shattered
By the shreds of the world you see.
And though we are born of one soil,
Only your blood seems to stain our land.

But somewhere within your soul,
I hope that you can see
How my heart bleeds
For a cause you call your own.
That when the time comes,
No matter what side of a border
You call your own.
You will still be
My fellow countryman.
Someone I call my own.

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