Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Leh-Manali Route

If ever there was a road journey I would love to make again, I would pick the Leh-Manali route. Keeping your eyes peeled is an excellent idea because there is always something to gape in awe at.
Towering masses of mountains with sculpted shapes emerging from all possible angles, shimmering green rivers bouncing along, vast expanses that seem to merge with the bright blue horizon, snow covered peaks peering down from halfway up in the sky, shadowed layers on steep mountains, clouds that look like brush strokes in the sky....
All the sights on this route make you feel like you're in a massive, life-size painting. This feeling
is heightened when even the clouds are still and the gentle wind stops blowing by and you're the only moving object in a beautifully created painting.

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