Friday, 8 June 2007


I hope everyone knows about the meeting on 9th June, Saturday at 3 pm. The time is meant to suit the former students who can join us after their half day's work. We'll meet in college, I'm sure we can make a classroom available for the same. If not, we'll move to Sir's house.

Answer to Aditya's 'silly question', photos are being collected and sorted through, to go into the book. Also, the production team has a prospective publisher, but that's only if WE do a good job at the content.

I'm glad to see massive contribution form the research party. Kudos!

One thing that worries me the most is the lack of structure in what we are doing. I think we, at the content, should now start writing sections of the book. The research team has provided us with the feed. I'm sure we'll need more, but that can be detected only once we start. The experiences will then fit into the picture.

We can decide more on this when we meet tomorrow.


P.S: Good to hear from Aayush :P

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