Tuesday, 5 June 2007

My mindset about Kashmir

I had penned down this piece of writing when we had visited the stupa at ladakh..somehow the thoughts we gathered in kashmir had crowded my mind then... well u can call it a poem or so:)
Paradox of Reality
They say its a paradise on earth..
They say its d jewel on the crown of the country..
They say there is no other place like it..
They say no one can conquer its snow clad peaks..
And yes indeed, its a place for which countries have sacrified their precious beloved sons...
Yes it is the place coz of which myriad souls are scorched...
Yes it is the place coz of which violence has prevailed for decades...
And yes it is the place coz of which peace has not stayed in the hearts of thousands...
It is the land of breath taking landscapes..
It is the land of us - The proud Indians...
And it is the land coz of which millions of minds cry for freedom.. even in the 21st century.

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