Friday, 8 June 2007


Stretching like a lunar landscape high in the remote regions of the karakoram mountains, the plateau of ladakh,wild,vast and barren and one of the most forbidding regions of the world, has a compelling charm and beauty of its own that draws thousand of visitors from all over the world. here the awesome,snowcovered mountains tower above, frighteningly close, terrifying gorges descend almost vertically to snake like rivers thousands of feet below, in the primeval setting triumphant nature rules supreme-man humbled, cleansed and exhilarated.
The road to Ladakh is from the beauteous vale of Kashmir, and passing through rich rolling downs with their meadows of wild flowers, it ascends and enters the Zojila pass with walls of snow and ice, coming out Ladakh, stark and dramatic, a sea of bare mountains that change colour in the changing light-beige, earth red,slate-blue,dull mauve and a deep dark purple. Starting patches of greenery break the bleak landscape-wherever there is water at the base of the glacier.
Here in the quaint civilization sheltered from the winds of change, timelessness prevails; nestling amidst the rugged rock and towering granite surrounded by cultivated patches that look like pure jade, and ancient lamaseries carved into hillsides are heart throbbing.
There are a lot of incidents and experiences that I have carried with me from this journey and have no words to describe them.
Ladakh -- a distant land of austere beauty where people live simply and love life. A land where people coexist with one another and with nature in harmony and peace. A land where community ties are strong yet individuality flourishes, and spirituality is an inextricable part of everyday life. Perhaps it would not be sentimental or naive to suggest that such a culture, although it lacks the material and technological advances of the West, represents the ultimate flowering of our human potential, the pinnacle of what we as human beings can aspire to become -- and that in the future of Ladakh will be reflected the fate of our species as a sustainable presence on Earth.
Indeed a tour to Ladakh with an earnest will to explore honestly could be a much more rewarding experience than usual holidays one would have taken to be just free from the work-and-live busy cultural life. Only a personal visit to this land of will answer ones inquisitive mind. So, Welcome and live for your self the experience that is talked about here.
I will never forget this summer; from the moment that everybody met up at station to the time when we said our goodbyes I have had some of the best times ever. Experiencing the Ladakhi culture first hand is something that I will always remember. Going to Leh was amazing, and I had a brilliant time, and it was a great place to get to see. This really was a once in a lifetime experience.
03 JUNE 2007.

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