Monday, 11 June 2007

Greetings Kiddos!

after a few initial poems and some basic writeups ... there seem to be a huge influx of copy-pasted material. i derive immense pleasure in announcing that the same or similar information is available all over the net and you have thereby not aided in any particular way.

it is preferable that you compose and post personal experiences.

Regards. Croc.


Lyandra said...

hmmm, well i seriously dont think the material was copy pasted.. it all seems fairly genuine.. wat makes u think that its been copy pasted?

Aditya said...

i think the hyperlinks to wiki gave it away, lyandra...


Croc. said...

good observation aditya. and by the way lyandra ... copy-pasted or not .. if it's going to be just pages and pages of tasteless information, one might as well open an encyclopedia. what reason would one have to read our blog?

Lyandra said...

ummmmm.. dhiren that was the research part... which they asked for... its not jst for personal experiences u knw..

WCNCinc said...
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Anish said...

Dear Sudhakarites..
With all due respect to the efforts being taken by everyone,
I agree with what Croc's saying..
Just copying material from the net and pasting here doesnt make any sense..
Even if you are referring to some material please please try and personalise it by adding your experiences..