Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A letter

The Kashmir University experience was one that made each one of us think, think in different ways. So did it make me. I wrote a letter to the Literature professor at the University. It should be on its way, reaching her any day now. This is what went into it:


The people of Kashmir,

All these years I have lived in illusion. An illusion that Kashmir, the Valley of my dreams, is very much a part of my country. I took great pride in it, and I believed you did too. But, a few days ago, I had raw exposure to your lives, much troubled lives.

I might never be able to think by, what they say, stepping into your shoes. I might never be able to empathise entirely with your tears. I will never be able to comperehend the torture you face, the wars you wage every day and night - to rise and to sleep, to step out of your homes into your own "motherland", and then to step back in.

I will never understand the terror that grips you, even in the shelter of your humble abodes. I shall never possess such lack of faith in my protectors, lawmakers and administrators. I will never realise how it feels to be questioned at every breath taken, dictated at every step taken. I cannot fathom the countless defeats that greet you, everyday, at the hands of "authority". And then, rise up boisterously again at the taste of despiritedness. I shall never discover what your hearts are made of.

I will never feel the depth of angst in your voices which cry for freedom or "Azadi". But, I only wish to lend my feeble yet determined voice to join yours. I only wish to make the people of my country feel the way I do.

Yours truly,

An Indian


Raman Kaul said...

Gayatri, it seems you have been misled by the same propaganda that has misled so many people in the history of this country who want to divide based on religious and ideological differences. Did you ask yourself why the Kashmiris you met don't want to be part of India? Was it separatism that caused the army presence and excesses (which are wrong), or the other way round? Do you know that millions of people in the state want nothing to do with azadi? Do you know that more than half a million original inhabitants of the state who wanted nothing to do with the Islamic separatist movement were pushed out of the valley and have lost their homes, their language, their voice. I am a member of that community. We have lost our Kashmir for ever, whereas the people who you spoke to have not. What they are objecting to is the rule of a secular state over the only Muslim majority region of India. Please do not encourage this division. It will be end of secularism in India.

Pawan said...

Gayatri , i wish you would realise that you ve been influenced by "actors"


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