Thursday, 7 June 2007

Gurdwara Sri Pathar Sahib

THE Gurdwara Sri Pathar Sahib, near Leh, was built in memory of Guru Nanak Devji. He sanctified the place when he reached there in 1517 via Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet and Leh after his spiritual discourses with the sidhas at Mount Sumer (Central Himalayas).

It is said that the Guru came to the rescue of the people who were being terrorised by a demon. Lovingly, the people called him Nanak Lama. The demon, meanwhile, was in rage. One morning he rolled down a big boulder from the hill top to kill the Guru who was sitting in meditation. The solid rock melted like a cushion on touching Guru Nanak's body.

The demon came down but was taken aback to see the Guru in meditation. In anger, he tried to push the rock with his right foot. But since the rock had already become wax, the demon's foot got embedded into it.

On realising his folly, the demon fell at the Guru's feet and prayed for pardon.

The Guru asked him to give up his wicked ways and lead the life of a noble person. The demon’s life thereafter underwent a total transformation. Later, the Guru continued his journey towards Srinagar via Kargil.

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