Monday, 4 June 2007


I think we should have a fixed set of labels or have names only. Or a mix of the two. I can't figure it out so please do give in some suggestions. The labels are useful because we can help compartmentalize a lot of the content we put onto the blog and it'll make it easier to crosscheck, reference and for the research and content folks as well.

Maybe we can have the following labels....

General - Thoughts on the Trip [for posts that are not about any single place, but about some observations or other matter of that type]

- Updates

- Experiences [which can include funny incidences, sad stuff, happy stuff, etc etc...more personal emotion-based.]

- Various other labels like History, Geography, Natural History, Politics, Culture, Issues...

Maybe if the different teams could come up with particular labels for what they require we can keep everything on track easier than just posting and searching through all the posts later.
This is meant to be a forum where everyone for every group can check on the happenings of the whole project, and so it'd help if updates were regular and people contributed continuously.

Remember, 7th morning, the content team needs to have all the material to start proof reading and editing. Please do start posting asap.

Also, please clarify if it's better to put our names at the end of each post or as separate labels. I think separate labels will be better, so at a glance any of us can pick out posts that we want.

Opinions/suggestions/pointers / POSTS are welcome!



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