Thursday, 7 June 2007

Songs of the Pine Forest

This is a special forest. There is music in the air. The sunlight dances through the shimmering pines and settles on the soft earth below. And the trees talk to each other.
They have stood here for years, sheltering so many creatures and watching over so many people. They tower over these hills, sashaying softly as they hum a strange tune to themselves. As I sit and look up at them, they appear gentle and welcoming and compassionate. They whisper among themselves and laugh kindly at the motley group that has assembled in their midst.

I hope that these trees I walk under can sense how much in awe I am of them. How much I admire, respect and love them. I hope they understand that there are some compassionate humans too. People who see them for the great beings they are.

I wish sometimes that the trees would talk out aloud. But as I look around me now, I think their beauty lies in their quiet murmuring.
Maybe some of their secrets were never meant to be known. Maybe mankind isn't worthy of being told those secrets.
But maybe if I listen very carefully, I may catch a slight strain of a hushed whisper...

The trees whisper to one another
But what do they say to you?
Do they show you their deepest secrets?
Do they sigh and mourn their losses?

When the sunlight filters,
Through glittering leaves,
And the trees sway
To the whistling breeze,
Do you see eternity in this forest?
Timelessness, serenity, peace?

Can you see life
Brimming in this wood?
Nature's remnants
Of all that is good....

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